Fiati Amsterdam

Fiati Amsterdam

The winds of Accademia Amsterdam take you to the elegant ballrooms, official receptions and to bourgeois parties, and even to impressive funerals of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Accademia Amsterdam

Accademia Amsterdam

Diversity and frivolity from Amsterdam, whether as duo, ensemble or orchestra. Instrumental chamber music and baroque cantatas to early classical string quintets.

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Accademia_01Accademia Amsterdam is an orchestra and has a stable kernel since 1990. As an ensemble we focus on performing baroque and classical music from chamber music to oratorios.

Our philosophy is to transmit a full experience of expression and liveliness. We achieve this by collaborating and communicating with co-performers and the public.

But we do more. Educational activities strengthen our philosophy, like courses and workshops. We collaborate with third parties like choirs and educational institutions.

Accademia Amsterdam has an international focus. We work in the European Union, concentrated in The Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Learn more about our services for organizers, producers, companies, choirs and educational institutions. If you have any questions do not hesitate, just ask us.

In memory of Ludger Rémy PDF Print Email

In memory of Ludger Rémy

Click on the image to see our tribute

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Commedia dell'Arte Commedia dell'Arte

When? 24-07-201728-07-2017

We are coming again to Perugia! Join us with music, dance, visual arts and cooking.

Read more about Chamber Music & Dance Course, Perugia 2017.

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Op zaterdag 3 juni is in de Oosterkerk in Hoorn het Kamerkorenfestival Oude Muziek Nu. Er hebben zich 13 koren aangemeld!

Naast optredens van koren vanaf 10:15 uur, zijn er 2 activiteiten:

bullet_zwVeldhovenMasterclass voor koordirigenten olv van Jos van Veldhoven, met werken van Bach.

bullet_zwMichiel Meijer, barokzanger en dirigent, verzorgt een workshop voor zangers.

In de avond is een presentatie van masterclass en workshop. Daarna volgen optredens van kamerkoren.


Upcoming Events

Chamber Music Course - Accademia Amsterdam
Mon 24 Jul. 11:00 – 22:00
Perugia, Istituto Musicale “G. Frescobaldi”
Arts & Cooking Courses - Accademia Amsterdam
Mon 24 Jul. 11:00 – 22:00
Perugia, Istituto Musicale “G. Frescobaldi”
Musica da camera e Ballo intorno alla "Commedia dell'Arte"
Mon 24 Jul. 18:00
Perugia, Università per Stranieri di Perugia
Ballo in Piazza per tutti, intorno alla "Commedia dell'Arte"
Wed 26 Jul. 18:00
Piazza IV Novembre
Musica barocca e Ballo barocco intorno alla "Commedia dell'Arte"
Fri 28 Jul. 18:00
Perugia, Cappella ex-Chiesa S. Maria Maddalena


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