Arts & Cooking Courses, Perugia 2020

The saga of “King Arthur”

Celebrating 10th anniversary summer courses in Perugia

organised by Accademia Amsterdam

due to the corona-crisis, we are going to celebrate in July 2021, but the course will take place on a safe scale, as planned for this July

Perugia (Italy), July 21 – 25, 2020 (optional July 26*)

for all interested people

Be inspired by the opera and saga of “King Arthur”.

The civic museum “Palazzo della Penna”, welcomes you.

Paint and draw or make opera requisites and masks.

Alongside, sing in the choir or follow cooking courses.

In 2020 it is the tenth time that Accademia Amsterdam organises summer courses in Perugia for music and art lovers. We celebrate this anniversary with a semi-staged performance of high-lights from “King Arthur”. When enough participants apply, we organise an additional performance on Sunday 26 July in one of the most beautiful “borghi” of Italy: Deruta*.

Drawing Course1. Drawing & Painting

Course participants will get professional guidance from a qualified tutor. You are welcome to this course, whether you are experienced or you want to give it a try. The drawing and painting courses will take place in the open air or in the “Palazzo della Penna”. Inspired by the opera and saga of “King Arthur”, you are encouraged to make simple opera requisites or masks. But feel free to choose your own subject(s). Several drawing or painting techniques can be applied at wish: charcoal, ink, pencil, wax pastels or (oil/acrylic) paint.

Duration of the course: 1 to 5 days (as desired). This course can be very well combined with Choir-singing or Italian cooking.

2. Italian cooking

The cooking courses will be dedicated to the traditional Italian cuisine, from “fabulous” appetizers to desserts. It highlights the evolution from country cooking to the most technologically advanced kitchen. We will pay attention to the preparation of fresh pastas and homemade pastries.

Cooking CourseAfter the first course day, we adapt the courses to the needs of the participants, asking them which recipes and techniques they would like to learn. At request, you can cook rural dishes of the Baroque era, following the original recipes. The courses are taking place in the well-equipped kitchen of professional cook and sommelier Cinzia Ubaldi, very close to the “Palazzo della Penna”.

During the course-week, participants can enjoy the results of the cooking course at lunch or at the common dinner.

Duration of the course: 1 to 5 days (as desired). This course can be very well combined with Choir-singing or Drawing & Painting.

Watch and share the video here.

Who can attend?

These courses are open to all interested people of any age and level, including friends and partners of participants of other courses. Experience is not necessary. You pay on per-day basis, making it possible to combine one or more different courses.


The music and dance tutors of Accademia Amsterdam present you an enticing opening concert with chamber music by Purcell. The opera-performance will take place in one of the most beautiful halls of the monumental city. Point of reference will be the Palazzo della Penna.


Some time will be left to visit the historical centre of Perugia. We organize an excursion for all participants to an historical highlight of Perugia or to one of the "borghi più belli d'Italia". We promise an unique experience! (An extra charge may apply).

Italian kitchen

Of course we do not forget the good life: dinners are being served in the proper Italian way, on the terrace of one of a typical Perugian restaurant. All course members and their family, partners or friends can join them. Before the final party buffet, the restaurant will offer you a typical Italian ‘aperitivo’.

Side programme

We offer these Arts & Cooking Courses for friends, partners, children and interested people of all ages. You can combine different courses alongside, including Choir-singing.

It is possible to apply for extra days of individual coaching or to follow additional courses apart from the mentioned dates. Locations can be Perugia or Deruta (in Umbria). Prices are €80 (69£) per extra day. Ask us about the possibilities and conditions.

Where to stay?

Close to the course locations, in an antique structure, we find hotel Signa, where you can stay conveniently at a reduced price. Participants wishing less luxurious accommodation can stay at a camping site or in ‘ostelli’ in the neighbourhood or in the historic centre of Perugia. Very close to the course location are several affordable hotels.

Marc Gerretsen, Amsterdam: drawing & painting
Cinzia Ubaldi, Perugia: traditional cooking

Henry Purcell – “King Arthur” Semi-staged (exerpts)
Celebrating 10th anniversary summer courses in Perugia.
Drawing & painting inspired by the opera and saga of “King Arthur”, but free subjects are possible too. You are encouraged to make simple opera requisites or masks. The cooking course concentrates on the traditional Italian cuisine.


Painting and drawing materials are excluded from the course price and can be purchased in Perugia via the tutor.
Advice about possible techniques and used materials, and information about the courses can be obtained from the tutor(s) (see their e-mail addresses).


English, German, Italian (partially), Dutch (partially), French (partially).


Tuesday July 21 to Saturday July 25, 2020 (optional Sunday July 26*).

Programme (preliminary)

* = Only when a minimum amount of participants applies

It is possible to apply for extra days of individual coaching or to follow additional courses apart from the mentioned dates. Locations can be Perugia or Deruta (in Umbria). Prices are €80 (69£) per extra day. Ask us about the possibilities and conditions.


Perugia is easy to reach. You can fly to Rome, Perugia or Pisa (KLM/Alitalia/Transavia/Vueling/EasyJet/RyanAir). Then take the train (Trenitalia) or coach (SULGA) to Perugia.
All hotels and hostels are accessible by the "minimetrò", which departs from Perugia railway station.

We are glad to advise you with booking of your travels and with the transportation of your instrument(s). If you prefer full organised travel and sojourn by a travel agent at additional costs, state this before 1 April 2020 (minimum 10 travellers).

Note that those who are staying outside the city centre will need to be able to reach the course location(s) on their own, by car or by public transport.


Five (six*) dinners are organized (Tuesday – Saturday / Sunday*), participation at wish, €19 (17£) per meal. Final party dinner: €22 (19£).


You can book your lodging in hotels close to the course locations, hostels in the neighbourhood, or on a camp site. You pay directly at the accomodation. See our suggestions on the next page. If you prefer full organised travel and sojourn by a travel agent, state this before 1 April 2020 at your subscription (at additional costs, minimum 10 applicants).

When you book hotel Signa, you will get an attractive discount on the normal price, if you mention that you are attending the course.

Any questions? We are glad to help!

Each course per day (exclusive painting & drawing materials) €80 (69£)

If you register before 1 JULY 2020, you will receive a 5% reduction on the fee of the course.
If you introduce another participant, you will receive a 5% (extra) discount on the fee of the course. (Only if you apply at the same time and applicable once and only for the introducer).
Reductions are not valid for who is only singing in the choir at the special reduced price of €195.

Fees are excl. travel, lodging and meals and including 21% VAT. No VAT-reduction possible.
Painting and drawing materials are excluded from the course price. Ingredients for the recipes are included.
Min. 4, max. 12 participants, duration 1 to 5 days.
Course days do not consist of a fixed number of hours. The duration depends on the judgement of the tutors and other activities that are organized in a day.

Lodgings and Meals (indicative)

Hotel, 6 nights (double/single rooms) approx. €240/€360 (210£/315£)*
Hostel, 6 nights (dormitory/single rooms) approx. €110/€240 (97£/210£)*
Camp site, 6 nights (two adults with caravan) approx. €135 (118£)*
Meals (participation at wish, 5/6* dinners are organized) per meal €19/€22 (17£/19£)*

*price per person, directly to be paid to the hotel/hostel/restaurant

Tailor made Courses

Do the dates not suit you, and do you want individual treatment? Throughout the year we organise music, painting & drawing and cooking courses in Casa “Le tre Muse” in ceramics-town Deruta (15km from Perugia). They are intended for individuals or small groups of friends, who want to stay a couple of days to enjoy the inspiration Italy has to offer. Plan your music, arts or cooking course on the dates that you prefer. Teachers, who bring their students, can use our studio for free. At wish, we offer you interesting excursions and other activities. On this website you find more information.


Official registration ceases the 1st of July 2020 or till the courses are fully booked. Only in particular cases we accept later subscriptions. We will do our utmost best to take your wishes into account.

By subscribing, you agree with the general conditions. You can register on-line by filling in the subscription form. If you encounter difficulties, please send us an e-mail to or call us on +31 6 242 547 91. We would be glad to assist you.

Upon subscription you will receive an invoice. You can pay the fee directly with PayPal or credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by money transfer to our bank account. Take into account that your subscription is only confirmed when we have received your payment before the 1st of July 2020.


Bank Account

Accademia Amsterdam, Almere, The Netherlands.
TransferWise IBAN: BE36 9671 0636 2381 ● BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX

Addresses - Contact

Accademia Amsterdam
Onno Verschoor
(NL) +31 6 24254791
(IT) +39 334 5763313

Museo civico di Palazzo della Penna
Via Prospero Podiani 11, 06121 Perugia
+39 075 9477727

Hotels close to Palazzo della Penna
Hotel Signa (will give reduction)
Hotel Iris

Hotel Sant'Ercolano

Youth Hostels (ostelli)
Centro di Accoglienza - Ostello della Gioventù
Little Italy Hostel
Ostello Spagnoli

Camp site
Camping Il Rocolo

Ristorante Iris (dinners)
Via Marconi 35, 06121 Perugia
+39 075 5721382

General conditions

If you subscribe to the course, you state that you agree with our general conditions. If you book your lodging and travel from the Netherlands to Perugia with a travel agent, you need to agree with separate conditions. The organization of Accademia Amsterdam cannot be held responsible when our partners do not live up to their agreements.

For the Music & Dance Course apply separate conditions and prices.


Marc GerretsenMarc Gerretsen graduated at the Academy Minerva in Groningen (The Netherlands). Typically, his fascination with illusionism: create spatiality on a flat surface.Knowing which form and display this in the second and or third dimension. His preference is realistic art (the feast of recognition) but that doesn't mean that there is no way to underlying abstract elements.

Marc Gerretsen had several exhibitions of his paintings and gave lessons on the Fons Vitae Lyceum in Amsterdam and taught at the Volksuniversiteit of Lelystad. He illustrated for the monthly Railhobby. Currently he is working on a retrospective of his work space, cart modelling. Marc Gerretsen has his own publishing company “MG Card Models” where he publishes his work.

During the course, participants get inspired by the city. The course will be focussed on cityscapes, vedute, and/or still life and pays attention to: perspective, shape, drawing, sketching, light/dark and composition. Aspects that can be discussed further are: color, painting, and a given 'chance'.

Cinzia UbaldiCinzia Ubaldi was born in Rome. In 1981 she graduated as engineer of the hotel business at IPATS (Professional State Institute for Touristic Hotel Manager) in Formia in the province of Latina. She has experience as a cashier at the Sheraton hotel in 1983 and then at the Hilton Cavalieri in Rome. In 1985 Cynthia has lived in Germany where she had a Gasthaus in the Elzas with her husband Giacomino Domenico and his associates. After five years she returned to Italy where she worked for a year at the hotel Le Silve di Armenzano (Assisi).

In 1992 Cynthia Ubaldi has opened the restaurant “La Locanda degli Artisti” (The Inn of the Artists). She got different positions: in 1997, certificate of professional sommelier and in 2001, official speaker of AIS (Italian Sommelier Association). In 2003 she specialized in food and wine pairing technique (AIS). She has written several articles on wine pairing: in 2006 a chapter in the book “Anche tu Norcino”, and in 2007 chapters in the book “Maestri Norcini e Maestri Salumieri”.

Since 2001 he teaches Umbrian Cuisine at the Università dei Sapori (University of Flavors) of Perugia in various collaborations over the years. At present she works as free lance sommelier, cooking tutor and cook.

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