Corona information and solutions

Covid-19 in Europa May 2021We are aware of the limitations that the corona crisis imposes on our activities. However, just sitting and waiting is not the solution and that is why we are looking for responsible and safe options. Music and art practice are essential parts of human existence and Accademia Amsterdam has the task to contribute to this. We do this in the form of concerts, choir accompaniments and courses.

We follow experts who investigate the consequences of making music safely and other creative activities during the corona pandemic. Our decisions and measures are based on this, in the meantime respecting the advice and decrees of the authorities. An example of our response to the crisis is the on-line coaching offered by our experienced tutors. Take a look at our website.

We could imagine that you have questions and uncertainty about the possibilities and measures. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to give you more information.

Read more below about our Summer Courses in Italy.

Regarding our Summer Courses in Italy, we collaborate closely with the local authorities. In this way, we are able to provide safe and legal solutions, guaranteeing the participants a positive and inspiring experience. As of February 2022, Italy is welcoming tourists and requires only a proof of vaccination (in this case, a negative test result is not longer required). Consult the official website of the European Union for the actual situation. On the website of the Italian government, the actual travel prerequisites are explained in English. Before travelling to Italy, travellers are requested to complete a EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF). Please, contact us if you want more information about the actual travel conditions regarding possible corona-restrictions.

If the courses unexpectedly have to be cancelled due to corona-measures taken by the authorities, the full fee will be returned, or your subscription will be valid for the summer courses of 2023.

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