We are preparing our Courses in Italy!

In 2023, our Summer Courses will take place earlier in summer

To avoid the heat and to enjoy well the beautiful medieval building of the Archaeological Museum of Perugia, we are organising our Courses in Italy earlier in the summer season: from Sunday May 28 to Thursday June 1 2023, with an extra performance Friday June 2.

The theme for 2023 will be “The Mother Figure in the Baroque Arts”, from Maria to Venus; female Baroque composers and painters.

We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable week, full with artistic and culinary experiences in in the marvellous medieval cloister of the regional archaeological museum in Perugia (Central-Italy).

Detailed information

Sofonisba Anguissola ca1532 1625 Self Portrait 1556The music and dance courses concentrate on the enjoyment of ensemble music, (choir) singing and baroque dance. Everybody can participate at his own level. Whether you take part in the (small) choir, as a soloist, as a dancer or as an instrumentalist, we will find you a suited way to join. Our skilled tutors offer extra master classes for soloists, advanced baroque dancers and instrumentalists. (Choir) singers can follow additional workshops to improve their singing technique. As a surprise, a local choir might join the vocal ensemble during the performances.

  • The female figure in music, with Maria or Venus as main characters.
  • Religious and profane music by female Baroque composers.
  • Vocal and instrumental music from (for example): Monteverdi’s “Vespro della beata Vergine” or dances from Lully’s “La Naissance de Venus”.
  • Choral music from Monteverdi’s “Vespro della beata Vergine”, and similar works.
  • Extra: improvisation classes on a chaconne-ground for instrumentalists and singers.

The arts & cooking courses are open to interested people of any level and age, including children, friends and partners of participants who follow other courses. Experience is not necessary, since you get individual guidance.

  • Be inspired by “The female figure” and female Baroque painters, but free subjects are also possible in drawing & painting.
  • The cooking course focuses on the traditional Italian cuisine, as prepared by “La Mamma”. Appetizers, pastas & pastries, desserts, Italian or local dishes.
  • Ricardo Barros - baroque dance*
  • Antonio Magarelli - singing, basso continuo
  • Onno Verschoor - ensemble, (baroque) oboe, winds
  • Jan Pieter van Coolwijk - ensemble, (baroque) violin, strings*
  • Wilma van der Wardt - (baroque) cello, gamba, strings
  • Marc Gerretsen - painting & drawing*
  • Cinzia Ubaldi - Italian cooking*

* Only when a minimum amount of participants applies.

Programme (preliminary)

Sunday May 28 to Thursday June 1 2023, with an extra performance Friday June 2**

  • Sunday May 28
    11:00 AM introduction and acquaintance
  • Sunday May 28 to Thursday June 1
    10:00 AM-19:00 PM courses, workshops choir singing (May 28, June 1)
  • Sunday May 28
    18:00 PM music & dance tutors' concert
  • Monday May 29 to Wednesday May 31
    master classes music & dance, vocal coaching, warming up
  • Thursday June 1
    18:00 PM performance by choir and course participants in Perugia
    20:00 PM festive dinner
  • Friday June 2
    18:30 PM final performance by choir and course participants in Deruta (15km from Perugia)
    20:30 PM dinner and final party

** Dates, times and locations under reservation. Please, consult our website before you book. Performances organised in collaboration with Festival “Musica dal Mondo” the Archaeological Museum of Perugia and “Deruta, Borgo delle Arti”.

Travel & Sojourn

Find travel advice and lodging suggestions on our website. On course days, dinners are organized, €22/€27.

  • Workshops choir singing €200
    For singers, joining the music courses, the choir workshops are free
  • Music & Dance courses (up to 25y / from 25y) €300 / €400
  • Extra voice coaching (in group) or Master classes + €80
  • Dance classes (basic level) €200
  • Painting & Drawing and Italian Cooking (per day) €80

If you register before 1 March 2023, you will receive a 5% reduction. If you introduce another participant, you will receive a 5% (extra) discount. Studenti italiani: 15% sconto in più. I laboratori di canto corale sono gratuiti per coristi Italiani.
Fees are excl. travel, lodging and meals and including VAT. We are glad to advise you about your stay.

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