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Chamber Music & Dance Course, Perugia 2018 PDF Print Email

“Ninfe e Pastori” Shepherds and Shepherdesses

Italian baroque dances, vocal & instrumental baroque music
by Accademia Amsterdam

Perugia (Italy), July 23 – 27, 2018
for enthusiast amateurs and students: dancers, singers, strings-, wind-, and harpsichord/basso continuo players

Be inspired by pastoral scenery in dance and music of the Baroque era.
With additional master-classes for those who want to improve their skills.
We collaborate with the Festival “Musica dal Mondo”, and offer courses cooking and arts.
“Piazza in Ballo” workshop baroque dance for everybody on the main square of Perugia.

Chamber music & dance

Music CourseThe tutors of Accademia Amsterdam invite amateurs and (music) students to an exciting summer course dedicated to baroque chamber music and dance. Particular attention is paid to the overall interpretation of the early baroque period up to classicism.

Accademia Amsterdam will treat participants with an inspiring concert in the Palazzo della Penna or the beautiful hall in the Università per Stranieri, located in the medieval centre of Perugia. Most of the music and dance courses are taking place in Palazzo della Penna or Istituto Musicale “G. Frescobaldi”. Music students present themselves on the last afternoon in a magnificent historical hall.

The baroque arts are sprinkled with pastoral scenery. Accademia Amsterdam takes this rich tradition as a source of inspiration for music, dance and visual arts.

Who can attend?

Courses are open to all dancers, singers and instrumentalists, whether you are experienced or not. Participants of all ages can apply, from moderately advanced amateurs to college of music students. We organise additional master-classes for participants who would like to obtain individual coaching in technique and style. The experienced tutors of Accademia Amsterdam will coach dancers, singers, winds, strings and keyboard players of both modern and historic instruments. Individuals are welcome as well as ensembles.

Everyone can follow a dance workshop by master of baroque dance, Ricardo Barros, organised on the main square of Perugia. Dance skills are not necessary! We organise separate baroque dance workshops and master classes for dancers, accompanied by instrumentalists.

Music teachers (who bring in their students) can follow advanced interpretation workshops at an advantageous rate. We offer Italian (music) students an attractive discount.

The courses are open to (student) conductors as well. Music participants have a great opportunity to exchange experience with them. Preceding to the summer courses, we organise extra master classes (choir) direction. Read the concerning information on this website.

Arts & Cooking Courses, Perugia 2018 PDF Print Email

“Ninfe e Pastori” Shepherds and Shepherdesses

Drawing & Painting – Traditional Italian cooking
organised by Accademia Amsterdam

Perugia (Italy), July 23 – 27, 2018
for all interested people

Be inspired by pastoral scenery in visual arts and the rural kitchen of Italy.
We collaborate with the Festival “Musica dal Mondo”. You can follow more courses alongside.
“Piazza in Ballo” workshop baroque dance for everybody on the main square of Perugia.

1. Drawing & Painting

Painting CourseThis year, the rich Italian tradition of depicting pastoral scenery, serves as a source of inspiration to people who like to paint or draw.
Course participants will get professional guidance from a qualified tutor. Whether you are experienced or you want to give it a try; you are welcome to subscribe to one or more courses. The drawing and painting courses will take place in the open air, in the historical centre or the surroundings of Perugia. Subjects can be architectural elements, people in the streets, still lives and so called “vedute” of  the poetic landscape. The course participants can try several drawing or painting techniques at wish: charcoal, ink, pencil, wax pastels or (oil/acrylic) paint. But feel free to choose your own subject(s).

The course participants can present the drawings and paintings at the final concert.

Duration of the course: 1 to 5 days (as desired).

2. Traditional Italian cooking

The cooking courses will be dedicated to the rural and traditional Italian cuisine, from appetizers to desserts. It highlights the evolution from country cooking to the most technologically advanced kitchen. We will pay attention to the preparation of fresh pastas and homemade pastries. After the first course day, we adapt the courses to the needs of the participants, asking them which recipes and techniques they would like to learn. At request, you can cook rural dishes of the Baroque era, following the original recipes.

During the course-week, participants can enjoy the results of the cooking course at lunch or at the common dinner.

Duration of the course: 1 to 4 days (as desired).

Master Classes (choir) direction 2018 PDF Print Email

Additional master classes for music students and teachers


In the preceding weekend of the summer courses, July 21 and 22, 2018, we organise master classes for students and other interested musicians in our course location at Deruta (15km from Perugia).

The master classes consist of:
bullet_zwdirection technique;
bullet_zwdirection practice;
bullet_zwpreparations of the scores;
bullet_zwmusic theory and interpretation of baroque music.

Subsequently, these participants have the unique opportunity to gain experience by working with the music participants and tutors of Accademia Amsterdam during the summer courses. At the final concert, we offer the possibility to present the results of this collaboration.

Dream Courses PDF Print Email

Courses in the "borgo" of the arts: Deruta, Umbria (Italy)

Compile your course or activities at wish, when it suits you best
by tutors of Accademia Amsterdam or your preferred coach

Be inspired by the medieval town and the artists of Deruta.
Enjoy the fantastic nature and panoramas.
Taste the delicious local cuisine and try the recipes yourself.
Visit historical cities in the neighbourhood: Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto and Todi.

DerutaA overview of courses we can offer

bullet_zwChamber music
bullet_zwPainting & drawing
bullet_zwCeramics tournament and decoration
bullet_zwYour own dream course...


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