Tailor-made Courses

Tailor-made Courses, at your place

Compile your course or activities at wish, when and where it suits you best

by tutors of Accademia Amsterdam or your preferred coach

Flexible courses for small groups or choirs.
Enjoy singing, ensemble music or practising arts together.
Invite friends or choir members to live an unforgettable experience.

Learn more about interpretation and techniques.
Our tutors are flexible and we can arranges courses on-spot.

An overview of courses we can offer on location
  • Chamber music
  • (Choir) singing
  • Oboe band
  • Painting & drawing
  • Photography
  • Your own tailor-made course...

Tailor Made Course 2023Do you like to follow courses with more individual treatment? Do you want to follow your tailor-made course when it suits you best?

We organise music, painting & drawing and photography courses whenever and wherever it suits you. They are intended for individuals or small groups of friends. We can find you a suited location. If needed, we organise lodging, meals and excursions too.

To get inspired:

  • Invite your choir fellows to work on unknown and known repertoire in a weekend on a beautiful location
  • Invite your ensemble members, and make (chamber)music under the guidance of our stimulating tutor
  • Playing in an ensemble on modern instruments, and want to know more about "historical" performance with a specialised tutor
  • Having some special subjects to know more about? Let us find a suitable tutor to delve into interpretation and techniques
  • Combine the arts with excursions in nature or to a special museum
  • Enjoy good food, when you experience a (long) weekend full with artistic inspiration

Ask us about pricing and possibilities.

Here, you can read about previous experiences of others, but the variations are plenty!

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