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Bach cantatas in the Grote Kerk of Dordrecht

"Ich habe Genug" (BWV82) and "Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe" (BWV 22)

Cantate Dordrecht 20190707Hereby I would like to thank you for our wonderful concert last Saturday. You have played and sung so beautifully. Very much together, especially. Nice energy, great concentration and sparkling sounds. They still clatter through my mind.

[...] Elly Ameling (86 years old) was in the audience. She was moved and very complimenting. She was particularly pleased with the "lightness and austerity" and the ensemble playing (without egos).

Catrien Posthumus Meyjes, conductor, 9 april 2019

Accademia Amsterdam ensures "wonderful moments"

Bach's Matthäus Passion, performed in the wonderful church of Edam.

The instrumental soloists from Accademia Amsterdam ensured wonderful moments, collaborating with soprano Martha Bosch, tenor Christian Dietz and baritone Tobias Scharfenberger. The solos from the choir were also sung well and realistic.

The soloists sang the arias almost without vibrato, which greatly improved their expressiveness.

The Arioso 'O Schmerz' for tenor and choir and 'Aus Liebe' that fragile aria, were beautiful. In the 'Erbarme dich', the second violin made with long notes the trinity with the vocal soloist and solo violin, like a Pieta. And 'Am Abend da es kühle war' remains a special moment. More special details could be heard this evening.

Leendert de Jonge, De Stadskrant, Edam, April 2018

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The performance of Bach's majestic Matthäus Passion touch the listeners profoundly

Bach's Matthäus Passion, performed in the wonderful church of Edam.

2017 Accademia Amsterdam Mattheus PassionThe accompaniment was in capable hands of baroque orchestra Accademia Amsterdam. Conductor Stephen Kavelaar, who conducted the final chord of "Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder" for the last time in Edam, can look back on a fascinating performance.

Annette Snaas, 19 April 2019

Delightful baroque trumpets in festive concert

Two cantatas of Bach's Christmas Oratorio performed by Accademia Amsterdam in Germany.

Für einen erhabenen Ausklang der Weihnachtszeit sorgte Sonntag der Gelsenkirchener Bach-Chor mit Solistinnen und der Accademia Amsterdam.
Aus den Geschäften sind die Weihnachtsbäume schon verschwunden, in den meisten Haushalten entsorgt. In der evangelischen Kirche in Heßler flankieren zwei große geschmückte Exemplare aber noch den Altar, am Sonntag ein wunderbarer Rahmen für das Konzert des Bach-Chores unter der Leitung von Lothar Trawny. „In der Kirchenliturgie dauert die Weihnachtszeit noch bis zum 2. Februar, Maria Lichtmess“, begrüßt Pastor Michael Schönberg die rund 200 Gäste.

Barbara Seppi, 15 Januar 2018

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