Jaherszeiten Accademia Amsterdam, ConcertgebouwAccademia Amsterdam is familiar with the beautiful acoustics of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. In the first years of existence of the orchestra already, we performed the St. Matthew Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach in this historic venue. It was Willem Mengelberg who founded in 1899 the annual Concertgebouw tradition of performing the Bach's most famous passion. Accademia Amsterdam helps to continue this tradition on 24 March 2024 with a performance on historical instruments, in collaboration with the Amsterdam KCOV Excelsior choir.

But it's not the only work that Accademia Amsterdam performs in this historic concert hall. In April 2023, we performed Haydn's Seasons, with the Amsterdam Mixed Choir conducted by Paul Valk.

Some appreciations of listeners and choir members:

"What an extraordinary experience last night! We enjoyed it immensely! And our conductor Paul Valk also looks back with satisfaction and pleasure on the performance, the preparations and the wonderful collaboration."

"I'm so glad I could be there this time. Had a 'goosebumps' moment several times."

15 Friends come together to sing, and to remember their "Deam Course" in Italy

The end of September, Accademia Amsterdam organises a long weekend to sing and to revive Italian memories

Tutor Antonio Magarelli will coach singers with Italian vocal music, as it was on their wish-list.

Deam Course DerutaIn 2021, Accademia Amsterdam organised an inspiring week full of singing, excursions and good food in Italy, to make the dream of the 15 Dutch come true!

This year, they will gather in The Netherlands in a dedicated cultural center in the middle of the woods of Ede, "Akoesticum". Even if we cannot offer the same (culinair) experience as in Italy, we are convinced that we will offer a rich experience to these music-lovers. The location offers everything the one needs to make music together and even a complete catering. At the end of the weekend, the singers will have a final musical closing dinner, where they present themselves to relatives and friends.

You can read here what an inspiring week in Deruta can look like, but the variations are plenty! Just ask us for possibilities.

16 Friends came to the "borgo" of the arts to sing, and to enjoy together

In August 2021, Accademia Amsterdam compiled a week full of activities in Deruta, Umbria (Italy)

Tutor Antonio Magarelli coached the singers with Italian vocal music, as it was on their wish-list

Deam Course DerutaIn 2019, 16 Dutch friends asked us if we could organise an inspiring week full of singing, excursions and good food in Italy. Of course we were pleased to make their dream come true!

At the day of arrival, we organised a shuttle bus to bring some of the the guests from the airport of Assisi-Perugia to Deruta, a 15 minute trip. At arrival, other friends who came by car of train where already waiting in this medieval town of majolica ceramics. Members of Accademia Amsterdam and local hosts were receiving them in bed and breakfasts in the historical centre. After a traditional "aperitivo", the friends had a wonderful dinner on the terrace of a local restaurant on the main square. Here, they were treated to a concert with joyful Italian music.

Every morning, an Italian breakfast was awaiting the friends on the terrace of the local caffè. Having had their perfect Italian coffee, the singers joined rehearsals in a beautiful small church, led by the professional conductor and coach Antonio Magarelli. After just a few days the results were audible, and the participants surpassed themselves in their level.

You can read here what an inspiring week in Deruta can look like, but the variations are plenty! Just ask us for possibilities.

Rehearsal Stabat Mater - Accademia Amsterdam in UtrechtIn a cold church, the "Grote Kerk" at Dordrecht, Accademia Amsterdam performed the famous Stabat Mater by Pergolesi. Soloists were Sytse Buwalda (countertenor) and Marjon Strijk (soprano). Before this famous master piece, the Bach-organ, situated in the Maria Chapel of the church, sounded in full glory in an organ concerto by Handel. The organist of the church, Cor Ardesch, played this impressive instrument.

But the cold didn't demoralise the attentive listeners, all guests of Hannick Music Travels, who joined a musical cruise on the rivers of the Netherlands. We heard only enthusiastic comments on the performance, which was lively and with integrity. After a long period of absence on stage, due to the Covid-restrictions, we were so happy to perform in public again! This was noted by the public, and added to the atmosphere and the expressiveness of the performance. This moved the audience to tears.

Coaching or lessons by our experienced tutors

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As we are stuck at home, without live music, without the incentive of playing in an ensemble, we realise how important the muses are. Therefore, we offer on-line coaching and lessons. Not only music, but visual arts an cooking as well. Our experienced tutors are more than ever available to help you through this difficult period and to maintain your skills.

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Covid-19 in Europa May 2021We are aware of the limitations that the corona crisis imposes on our activities. However, just sitting and waiting is not the solution and that is why we are looking for responsible and safe options. Music and art practice are essential parts of human existence and Accademia Amsterdam has the task to contribute to this. We do this in the form of concerts, choir accompaniments and courses.

We follow experts who investigate the consequences of making music safely and other creative activities during the corona pandemic. Our decisions and measures are based on this, in the meantime respecting the advice and decrees of the authorities. An example of our response to the crisis is the on-line coaching offered by our experienced tutors. Take a look at our website.

We could imagine that you have questions and uncertainty about the possibilities and measures. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to give you more information.

Read more below about our Summer Courses in Italy.

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