Find here programmes, developed by Accademia Amsterdam. Please, contact us if you have specific wishes or if you want to learn about the possibilities.

Handel the cosmopolitan and Zachow the metropolitan

Vocal and instrumental music of Zachow and Händel

Soprano, oboe/recorder, violin, bassoon, harp, harpsichord/chamber organ (5-6 performers)
With: Constanze Backes / Francine van der Heijden: soprano, Marjan de Haer: harp, Stefano Intrieri: continuo

Sadness and joy in the 18th century – music and dance for ceremony and theatre

Dances from Dutch and French archives, funeral and dance music by Telemann, Handel and Mouret

Dancer, two oboes, two horns, bassoon (6 performers)
With: Dorothée Wortelboer – dance (on request, a short dance workshop is also possible)

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