Passion and Craftsmanship

Passion and Craftsman­ship

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Accademia Amsterdam recorded this chamber music CD with music from Italian and Dutch baroque composers.

How passionate are Italians and how thorough the Dutch? Is it perhaps the other way around? Or can both characteristics be combined? Accademia Amsterdam lets one experience both sides of the story. It is up to the listener to judge who has passion and who has craftsmanship.

In the heyday of Amsterdam‘s Golden Age there were many contacts with Italy through overseas trade. Dutch artists often took part in these travels too, to find inspiration in the Mediterranean climate or offer their services to Italian courts and wealthy citizens. Conversely, Italian artists were often guests at cities such as Amsterdam or The Hague. Concerts with music by the Italian composers Vivaldi and Locatelli and their Dutch counterparts Hellendaal and Van Wassenaer drew large crowds. Amsterdam was the home of major international publishers such as Estienne Roger and Michel-Charles le Cène. Without them, Vivaldi and Albinoni would never have achieved the fame they did in Europe.
Evidently the Alps were no barrier to mutual cultural influence.

Especially for this CD, Accademia Amsterdam has collaborated with the Italian musicians Fabio Ciofini and Alessandra Montani.

Listen to examples of all tracks. About Accademia Amsterdam.

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