Accademia Amsterdam performs in the famous Amsterdam Concertgebouw

Jaherszeiten Accademia Amsterdam, ConcertgebouwAccademia Amsterdam is familiar with the beautiful acoustics of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. In the first years of existence of the orchestra already, we performed the St. Matthew Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach in this historic venue. It was Willem Mengelberg who founded in 1899 the annual Concertgebouw tradition of performing the Bach's most famous passion. Accademia Amsterdam helps to continue this tradition on 24 March 2024 with a performance on historical instruments, in collaboration with the Amsterdam KCOV Excelsior choir.

Have a look at the poster here

But it's not the only work that Accademia Amsterdam performs in this historic concert hall. In April 2023, we performed Haydn's Seasons, with the Amsterdam Mixed Choir conducted by Paul Valk.

Some appreciations of listeners and choir members:

"What an extraordinary experience last night! We enjoyed it immensely! And our conductor Paul Valk also looks back with satisfaction and pleasure on the performance, the preparations and the wonderful collaboration."

"I'm so glad I could be there this time. Had a 'goosebumps' moment several times."

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