AA2 - Tribute to a virtuoso: Giuseppe Sammartini

Concerts by “the greatest oboist that the world ever has known”

Oboe and recorder concerts by Giuseppe Sammartini (1695-1750), instrumental music from his colleagues Handel and Marcello

Oboe and recorder, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, violone, harpsichord (7 performers)

Accademia AmsterdamAt the end of the 17th and in the first half of the 18th century the oboe experienced an unprecedented inflorescence. In France, the brothers Hotteterre developed the instrument from the shawm and it had become a ‘civilized’ instrument and usable for the application in art music. Louis XIV founded an orchestra, consisting of only oboes and bassoons. The spread in Europe was not to be stopped: Virtuosos travelled to Germany, The Netherlands, England and Italy.

The father of the ‘hero’ of this program as well, Alexis Saint-Martin, who settled in Milan. Some of his children were also oboist, from which Giuseppe developed himself to the ‘Heinz Holliger’ of his time. To be able to show off his virtuosity, he wrote his own concerts. He departed on 33-year-old age to London, where he played solos in the orchestra of Handel and worked with the famous castrate Farinelli. He was praised by Quantz and other culture criticizers: “[...] the greatest oboist ever, with a exceptional sound that approached the quality of the human voice [...]”

Sammartini’s beautiful and virtuoso music was edited in his time in Amsterdam and it’s for Accademia Amsterdam an extra reason to compose a program with his concerts.

Duration: approx. 75’ with interval
Pricing: please, contact us to discuss the possibilities

Marcello - concert for oboe

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