AA1 - Pupil and Master

Handel the cosmopolitan and Zachow the metropolitan

Vocal and instrumental music of Zachow and Händel

Soprano, oboe/recorder, violin, bassoon, harp, harpsichord/chamber organ (5-6 performers)
With: Constanze Backes / Francine van der Heijden: soprano, Marjan de Haer: harp, Stefano Intrieri: continuo

Zachow Handel 1This programme presents the listener with a refined and varied concert based upon the festive music of Händel. A cosmopolite, pragmatist and gourmand in his musical style, Händel worked throughout Europe, from Germany to Italy, and via the Netherlands to England. Through the years, he developed his own eclectic style, absorbing influences from such as Corelli, Vivaldi and Purcell. He began his musical career however in Halle, under the tutillage of Zachow who, unlike his pupil, never worked outside his city. Accademia Amsterdam finds it interesting to compare the music of the two composers, allowing one to hear how much the composers did and did not share.

The harp plays a prominent role in this concert. Händel undoubtedly met the instrument while in Halle; Zachow gave it a solo part in his cantata, “Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe”. The programme includes excerpts from this cantata, as well as Händel’s famous harp concerto from “Alexander’s Feast”. Händel’s Italian period is represented by two cantatas for soprano, and the programme is completed by Zachow’s Trio for solo bassoon and oboe and Händel’s Trio for violin and oboe.

This program is a tribute to the famous harpsichordist Ludger Remy, who was professor at the Musikhochschule Dresden and member of jury of the Flanders Festival. It is part of a (CD) project concerning cantatas by Zachow from which Remy has been artistic directior. The first CD with Christmas cantatas is for sale through this website.

Duration: approx. 75’ with interval
Pricing: please, contact us to discuss the possibilities

Zachow - Hab' ich nur dich

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