AF3 - From Grim Reaper to Harlequin

Sadness and joy in the 18th century – music and dance for ceremony and theatre

Dances from Dutch and French archives, funeral and dance music by Telemann, Handel and Mouret

Dancer, two oboes, two horns, bassoon (6 performers)
With: Dorothée Wortelboer – dance (on request, a short dance workshop is also possible)

Dorothée Wortelboer We can hardly imagine politicians doing their work while performing the tango or dancing a waltz, but in the 18th century, it was not only a normal occurrence, it was in fact impossible for politicians to have any say in the proceedings or to achieve anything with the higher powers if they were not capable of dancing the menuet, contredanse, or gigue. Good music was needed for these evenings, but often there was not enough money to hire a complete orchestra. At times like these, a small wind ensemble was contracted because its full sonority made it a good accompaniment for the dance.

The Netherlands were no exception: there was a double hearted vision on dance. Preached from the pulpit that dancing was sinful, which a good believer should not be engaged in.
Accademia Amsterdam Fiati and Dorothée Wortelboer bring a theatrical program of Baroque music and dance. As it sounded and was danced in that era; with a tear and a wink.

The show begins with a funeral march as played at memorial ceremonies. Little by little the performers cast off the sadness. In a fleet-footed and accessible way, they illustrate the character of the dances with beautiful costumes and theatrical attributes. You hear instrumental interludes and solo Baroque dances ranging from most elegant sarabandes to comical character dances. During the performance, Dorothée Wortelboer explains the dance practice of the Golden Age. And if the audience “gets in the mood”, one can try a baroque dance by his own, under her professional guidance…

Details: This program is partially performed in a theatrical setting. Also available as a short performance of 30', ideal for special occasions.
To perform the dancing, a performing area measuring approximately 7 x 5 meters with an even floor and space for the musicians. Simple theater lighting is recommended (can also be provided if necessary), and a dressing room.

Duration: ca. 60’ without intermission, 40’ and 30’ with intermission
Pricing: please, contact us to discuss the possibilities

Handel - Alla Hornpipe

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