AF2 - From Republic to Kingdom

Music before and after the Dutch royalties

Chamber music for various number of winds by Mouret, Družecký, Philidor en Salieri

Two oboes (d'amore), two horns, bassoon (5-6 performers)
With: Gottfrid van Eck, narrator (on request)

Fiati Amsterdam Wester AmstelIn November 2013, 200 years since the Prince of Orange landed at Scheveningen, the Netherlands regained its independence after the annexation to France. In the two following centuries, important achievements were reached. This took resulted in the democratic system and the rule of law as we know it today. Accademia Amsterdam Fiati celebrates together with you, the fact that we still enjoy these benefits.

But… the transition to independence was not accompanied without a struggle. Not even in music…

This concert programme illustrates – through the music of the old nobility – the resistance of the “modern minded” citizens against the “old” style. The “modern” music of that era had to be accessible to the citizen who had the power after the expulsion of Napoleon. The French suite for the ballroom was played out: nimble divertimenti and virtuosic partitas came to fashion!
The public will be a witness to this with Accademia Amsterdam Fiati. A concert, interspersed with quotations from the revolutionary period of music critic and traveller Charles Burney and important politicians from the early days of the kingdom.

Details: music and spoken text

Duration: 50’ music without interval, 70’ with interval
Pricing: please, contact us to discuss the possibilities

Besozzi - trio

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