AF1 - “Water Music”

Programme around Handel's most festive music

“Water Music” by Handel may be supplemented by works by English composers

Two oboes, two horns and bassoon (5 musicians)

Water music op de AmstelHandel wrote his “Water Music” especially for a royal boat tour on the River Thames on July 17, 1717. In the largest boat were 50 musicians. As Handel often did, he recycled for this occasion earlier works. Some of them are originally written for an ensemble consisting of two oboes, two horns and bassoon. This fact inspired Accademia Amsterdam Fiati to adapt other movements of the suite for this disposition. Due to the full sound of such a “middle-class orchestra”, it was very suitable to add lustre to festivities when the host could not afford a big orchestra.

The public is invited for this wonderful concert with a fanfare for hunting horns. An intimate trio of Dutch-English composer De Fesch serves as a starter. And in order to enhance the festivities, the musicians offer the children who come to listen to this refreshing concert, a glass of lemonade.

Details: this programme can be performed outdoor, possibly in or on the water (whether or not amplified). In the version of a family concert, the musicians offer a glass of lemonade to children and give a short explanation of the particular instruments.

Duration: ca. 70’ music, with or without intermission
Pricing: please, contact us to discuss the possibilities

Fragment from Händel's Water Music

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